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 Cool games for $2 or less

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PostSubject: Cool games for $2 or less   Sat Mar 01, 2014 6:47 pm

Here's one that you can get on your laptop for a little more than half of what your lunch probably cost you.

It's an RPGMaker game(Clearly evidenced by the elaborate yet somehow stale visuals) that doesn't suck. In fact, everything it tries to do, some of which is actually fresh, just works. It doesn't try to turn the whole JRPG formula upside-down and all around or present some gaudy story based around an incredibly general philosophy, which I like, and it makes the game much easier to get into and feel good to play.

More pics

Character development is kinda fun, even if limited.

If you look at the top of this here, you'll notice a bunch of connected segments with the character sprites strewn across. This is essentially Final Fantasy's ATB system minus the actual time factor. Characters will bee moved back a certain # of grids after attacking depending on the skill they used, their speed, and if they are attacked before acting. It's less exciting than FF, but you can plan more easily.

Picking gold off the floor is pretty fun.

If you're wanting to know what isn't so great about it, I'd say the most vivid flaw is its incessant, try-hard, self-depreciating humor. Y'know, like one of those stupid "genre parody" titles except much more drawn out. I mean, just about everyone else who's played it praises it for this, but I never thought it had much success in making me evenconsider laughing.

Another bit that bugs me is how damage is scaled. It increases at a much, MUCH lower rate than enemy HP, which renders regular attacks useless at around Lv. 20 or so. Although, this may be a deliberate design choice since they make it really easy to recover MP and use techniques. Still bugs me nonetheless.

Then there's the script. Seriously, I think this game was developed somewhere in eastern Europe or something, 'cause the amount and severity of the spelling errors in this game is really embarrassing.

If you're wanting to buy it, you should know the price varies wildly among platforms for some reason. It's $5 if you're getting it from Amazon or something as well as Xbox, $3 on google play, $1.50 on the Windows 8 store and $1 on a Windows phone. All sources are here.

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PostSubject: Re: Cool games for $2 or less   Sun Mar 30, 2014 11:55 pm

Stupid fucking highschooler fuck who gives 1-2-3 shits about a rpg maker game?!
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Cool games for $2 or less
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