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PostSubject: I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH RADIOHEAD SCROBBLES   Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:06 pm

hey loser what the fuck is is a music community.  the website has many features that make it more than a community, though, the main one being "scrobbling", which records how many "listens" you have on a song, band, or release.  there's also a radio system, but recently it was made premium only and frankly pandora is better for that (who uses radio anyways?)

why would you want to record how many times you listened to your gay japanese 2 piece folk doom band?
to stretch your e-peen.  recording your tastes allows you to find people with similar tastes and discuss music and give each other recommendations.  you can also link your on other communities and get recommendations that way like this
Quote :
I'm into shit, shit, more shit, ass and fuck, including:
(insert 20something band names here

Check out my music taste:
are there any other features besides scrobbling?
on the website itself there is a recommendation system and a system to see how many artists you have in common with another person.  besides that, there are tons of third party websites which use data to give specific services such as collages to see what bands/artist you've listened to recently, how "obscure" your taste is, and how diverse and eccentric your taste is.  there are tons of websites like this and has even made their own website with several tools with features like the ones I said before.

Now get out there and share your really shitty taste!

I'm into hip-hop, progressive metal, experimental, instrumental and electronic, including:
Broke, Nails, Nujabes, Boris, Milo, Animals as Leaders, Aesop Rock, Billy Woods, Edge of Sanity, maudlin of the Well, Gasp, Insect Warfare, Motoi Sakuraba, Death Grips, Baroness, La Dispute, Rush, Sleep, Paul Baribeau, Orchid, Monster Magnet, Dystopia, King Crimson, Kvelertak, Hellnation, Pg.99, Black Sabbath, Eyedea, Black Breath, Gorguts, Cavity, Queens of the Stone Age, Busdriver, Acid Bath, M|O|O|N, The Uncluded, Take Over And Destroy, Andrew Jackson Jihad, FALSE LIGHT, El Huervo feat. Shelby Cinca, Gramatik, Gallhammer, Akira Yamaoka, Me and Him Call It Us, Isis, Envy, The Protomen, Admiral Angry, Neutral Milk Hotel, Behemoth.

Check out my music taste:

I Don\'t No Shit I Don\'t No Shit I Don\'t No Shit
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